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I look like I'm having deep thoughts, but 98% of the time  I'm thinking about what I am going  to eat next
You have to give marathoners credit...  There is no one else that runs 40 plus miles a week yet still gain weight
Is it just me or did EVERYONE just say fuck the rona this week? Lol
My brain: "Pass them " Me: "Why? " My brain: "You gotta "
Crazy how I used to get up at 5AM and  run 7 to 10 miles.... These days I won't even get up at 5AM to pee.  I will just lie there in pain.
*early morning run*  During the first mile: f*ck this,  I'm tired as f*uck  During the last mile:  f*ck yeah baby, that's  what I call a good run. I can't wait for tomorrow!!
Runners be like... Every pizza is a  personal pizza if you try hard enough  and believe in yourself
Literally no-one:  Me: I cant breathe in this gotdamn mask
I wanna be a triathlete –but also, yikes
Y'all saw me getting fat and  y'all didn't say nothing...  smh y'all fake
All runners have that one song that awakens the Olympian in them
Day 57.......... I lost half of my aerobic conditioning and I think my virginity is starting to grow back
PERSON: wow you ran 17 marathons..  you must be soooo healthy!  ME: *caffeine-addicted*  *chronically tired*  *occasional binge-eating*  *shin stress-fractures*  "Haha yeah idk it's just  a lifestyle at this point"
Therapist: and what do we do when  we feel like this?  Me: we go for a run   Therapist: [nods] we go for a run
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