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Being an IPOS is part of my  personality
Tag the person you have the best running memories with
Get a personal trainer that will get you in shape.... or wet.... or both
When you survive another week of marathon training, eating healthy and having no social life
If you're injured and can't run, I think  we all just need to go out in a big empty  field and scream together
Him:  How do you know this dude?  Me:  Oh him... your inconsistency introduced us
Hun, I broke the lamp. "Why?" Bc nobody shines  brighter than me
*me after EVERY. SINGLE. RUN* Let's talk about cal-o-ries Let's talk about wine and cheese Let's talk about all the tacos  and the pizza I may eat  Let's talk about SNACKS
She calls me Daddy in the sheets & Slow MF in the streets
When you're at a normal people party and no one wants to talk about the marathon you're training for
Up late thinking about how nice my  ass is
I have faced more peer pressure to run a marathon than to do drugs
I don't run through injury – that would  be stupid. I simply refuse to believe the  injury exists. That's tooootally different
imagine not liking me beautiful intelligent hilarious  phenomenal runner... tragic
Sleeping doesn't help this kind of tired anymore
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