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What's the meanest and cruelest thing you've ever said to a bad driver? I'm not asking for a friend, I'm asking  for inspiration
Tag someone who is injured right now.
Get a personal trainer that will get you in shape.... or wet.... or both
Reasons I do my long runs with a group  1. Friendship  2. Accountability  3. So I can bag a MILF
Life would've been better if all your running friends were your neighbors
Let's have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to ride the stationary bicycle
*comes home from a run*  No one:  Me: "OK I'll show you  my pace and splits."
Is it even marathon season if you don't eat every fucking thing in sight?
There are only two types of people in  the world:  – "it's already 9pm" and  – "it's only 9pm"  And they marry each other
It's been "one of those days" for about 7  months now and I'm not even exaggerating
"I will not look at her tits because she is my friend." Said no runner ever
Tell me you're a plus-sized runner without telling me you're a plus-sized runner
Monday *diet day 1*: I have portioned  out all my meals for a week  Tuesday *diet day 2*: All my portions for the week are now gone
I hope all 5 of the people I like in the world had a great day today
{RUNNING}  will break your heart, snatch your  pride and leave you begging for your  ever-lovin' life. But if you're  willing to tread through  proverbial shit, it will heal  whatever it is you're  ready to heal
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