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I overthink. I overtrain. I overeat.
If ya boobs don't jump when you run, watch your tone with me lil man
I'm a vegan runner, I avoid meets
Day 4 with no running:  I've lost hearing in my right eye
You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about.
One day you're a teenager and the next you realize you've been trying to get  into Western States for the  last 15 years
A teenager at the local track asked me if I was old enough to have "seen Usain Bolt winning the 200 m in real time"  now if anyone needs me I will be  quietly walking into the ocean
I haven't seen a post yet about  4/20 .....I keep forgetting y'all  on powder now...
"Run more miles, give less fucks."          –Old Native American saying
"She ain't just a snack if she's always high... she's an edible"    –Snoop Dogg
Me: *gets asked how I'm doing at work* My brain: Don't say it. Don't say it.  Me: Living the dream
Sure being positive and nice to  everyone all the time is great but...  Have you ever dropped a good "Fuck  You" on someone you don't like?  That shit will help the sun rise.
An "easy run" a day keeps her  attitude away
I hate it when 16yr olds try & give me  dirty looks at the local track. Like bitch,  I will fuck your dad and make  you my step child
Ok QUESTION of the day: when leaving  the house... does anyone tell  their pets they will be  home later?
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