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Are you normal or do you wake up  early on the weekends just to run very long distances unprovoked
It’s Wednesday afternoon a few years back. It’s hot AF, and you just met your running buddies for an easy 5, pizza and cold beer. It's Global Running Day 2016. Life is good.
Things I accomplished so far this  quarantine: 1. Gained 10 pounds 2.
Please don't forget... JUNE 3rd is  Global Running Day  (or, as we runners  like to call it... Wednesday)
Shin splints are no fun... But can you  die for not getting dick? Asking for  myself again
You have to give marathoners credit... There is no one else that runs 40 plus miles a week yet still gain weight
If you skip a run because it's too hot, you're a lil b*tch         – Old Chinese Saying
Man I'm glad the stores are about to open... I was trying on running shoes at Target
I don't know why other athletes bite  their medals, but I do know runners are hungry and we will eat anything
We don't know them all, but we owe them all
Don't come around my running group if you're sensitive. These mfs have  no filter
Lol I don't want your man, I just want  you to know I can end your relationship with one "I miss running with you" text
"How was your date?" "I played my own drinking game  where I took a drink every time she  mentioned canceled races.  I don't remember a lot."
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