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do runners ever sit back and think "maybe i'm running too much"
How I look going out with the lead  runner at the start
Any running group has these:  1. the loud one 2. the really funny one 3. weirdo who has to be supervised  4. the one that gets bullied 5. and a real fast one
PRO TIP: Running faster than anyone else can  help you win a race.
Normalize hill repeats on 0 to 1% grade
I hope all 6 of the people I like in the world had a great day today
I wish running was as easy as making running playlists
It's finally "I can drink the Nuun I left  in my car overnight" season
Skipping track workouts the way I skip youtube ads
For a generation that is hype on true crime – y'all be sharing your running routes with fucking everyone a lot
yo I accidentally made my running  circle so small that it's only me
I paused my Garmin to text you back don't ever question my loyalty
You automatically lose my respect if  you don't change your running form  (and pace!) when you see other  people running
Running helps me when no one else does
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