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Fuck!!! ........I'm lost. But I feel so badass it doesn't matter
Things will be better soon, hopefully.
#MedalMonday  People really be posting selfies and  no medals.... Seriously, grow tf up
Sunday run is about pleasure, whereas  Monday run is about necessity
My doctor told me I'm low on vitamin  "D"....  So I need more D... I definitely need more D
Do you ever try to breathe quieter while running up a hill so the others could  not hear you fighting for your life?
I don't think people realize how much strength it takes to pull your own self  out of a dark place mentally. So  if you've done that today or  any day, I'm proud of you.
You know you'd better pick up the pace when a Banana is on your tail... and gaining
I just set a new PR for number of  fucks per mile
An obsession done halfway is  just a distraction.
'STAY HARD' is my new mantra....... If he's not tapping out, I'm not tapping  out either. I will die on  that dick
I thought my life was over when I got  injured... Then, I found somebody that  tied me up and shoved his fingers in  my ass... Moral of the story, life is  about growth
Distance Running.  Because with a butt this good, who needs sexy feet
I won't say vert is beating my ass  right now... but the bitch got hands
To all the runners battling depression... To all the runners still running when the  world stole your joy of running. To all  the runners facing cultural identity  issues. To all the runners  having suicidal thoughts.... You are worthy....
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