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No, I don't get pedicures. I value the calluses on my feet. Besides, it's not that difficult to paint  7 toenails.
A girl can be your best friend, wife,  worst enemy, or worst nightmare.....  It just depends if she went  for a run today or not.
And then God said, "Let there be sexy people." So he made runners.
Even if you are fully vaccinated, CDC recommends to use deodorant
We all cope in different ways. I like running and being awesome
Race director: "Paramedics are on call  for any injury, but the reception’s been spotty. It's best to get hurt between  mile 6 and 13"
Here's the thing... REAL runners don't post every single mile on Instagram.  That's how everyone knows you're a rookie.
Emilou: “Fear. That's why people run  a marathon. Fear of being fat, fear of dying, disease... In my opinion,  it takes more courage NOT  to run a marathon.”
Is he actually hot or does he just  run fast?
Long runs are a great way to justify  binge eating after long runs
I was taking a walk break and someone saw me
"You're so chill"..... thanks I gave up
*driving home from Beer Mile* The officer said "You drinking?" I said "You buying" We just laughed and laughed. I need bail money ASAP...
Even if you are fully vaccinated,  the CDC recommends to go for a run
Shareef: “You wanna date a runner?  Oh yeah? Try getting into an argument  2 miles into a 20-mile run.”
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