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Are you supposed to wear the hydration belt over the gut or underneath it?  I don't want to look like a dork.
"It could be drugs," I whisper to myself as I buy another pair of running shoes  on an extremely tight budget.  "At least it's not drugs."
And here we f*cking go again. I mean  good morning
Sometimes walking away with good memories is enough.
MARATHONER.  Because my kids deserve a mother  they can brag about.
PRO TIP:  Running faster than anyone else can  help you win a race.
I have blisters on both feet, I might  have a stress fracture on my left foot, and my legs are so sore it hurts to walk.  But I got a shiny medal saying 'Finisher' which is nice
Another fine day ruined by a long run
I wasted half of my life telling people how long is a marathon
Having a job is cool and all but  everyday????? It's really starting to  mess with my training schedule
I like my morning run more than I like most people
Body: sexy  Feet: f*cked
Fun fact: a blue whale’s anus can  stretch to approximately 3 and a half  feet, making it the second largest  asshole on the planet, just behind irresponsible mountain bikers
September already??? October is  practically next week. Time to pick out a Halloween costume and start your Christmas shopping. Happy New Year,  everybody.
Dear taco trucks, please consider  cruising the neighborhoods like ice  cream trucks ey..
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