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Anyone else feel personally attacked  by the non-runners when they ask  "Did you win it" after a marathon?
I wonder what my "this is her" photo is
Some days I run to LOSE myself, other days I run to FIND myself. But most  days I run because I want to add to  my bling collection
"I'm in the sexual prime of my life  and I'm having dreams about  fucking Boston Marathon."
Why I choose to continue living:  1. out of spite  2. running  3. milfs
went to therapy for the first time and  cracked a joke about running as therapy and my therapist just started writing  faster and faster what the hell was that
I hate people who can't take a good  photo just give me back my phone bro
u ever look at ur best running friend like  wow this human right here............. this  is my favorite human
Me *after a long run or race* :  don't ask me to change positions, just toss me around
Nobody:  Absolutely no one:  Not a single soul:  Not even their mom:  FiTneSs iNFLuEnceR:  "A lot of you have been  asking me about my  stretching routine.."
Them:  You'll really take a second  mortgage to do a runDisney race ?? Me:  Oh dear.... You've never seen the medals
ULTRARUNNING When you need a little more "f*ck this  shit" in your life
Learn to push through pain. Cause it  will hurt, and hurt, and hurt, and then one day... BOOM !! Stress fracture.  Then you rest
Teach your children the joy of running  and they'll never have enough money  to buy drugs
The way me and my running friends talk you'd think we hate each other
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