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Day 1 of hill repeats was actually just me fighting for my life
Me: *signs up for an ultra* Friend: you know you'll DNF, you  haven't trained for it  Me: it's an ultra, you  get credit for trying
Just checked my average running  pace       that shit said LMAO:00
Just finished the 2020 Boston marathon Where's my Oscar for acting like everything is fine
"you're up early" bold of you to  assume i've slept
Me reminding everyone that I don’t  do hills or heat.
Me: *stretches once* well that didn't work.
I high-five tree branches on my running path imagining it's a crowd cheering me on. It works.
ULTRARUNNING. Because 26.2 is for wimps. In real  sports, you go until your organs start shutting down
I'm 30 but I feel like I'm 20... Until  I hang out with some 20 year olds for  mile repeats. Then I'm like no,  never mind, I'm 30
"Your 5k could be a lot better if you  just ran faster"   –Mo Farah
Does anyone else tell their pets "I'll be back soon" when you leave the house or is that just me
"When I get into the Boston Marathon"  is starting to sound about as confident as "When I win the lotto..."
Shout out to all runners who will never qualify for Boston, we basic af but  we cute
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