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Doc: I recommend six to eight  weeks  of rest and rehab My inner-voice: "double down on Motrin  and buy an extra knee brace"
Smile when you pass runners who went out too hard!!!
Name something more upsetting  than the AirPods' low-battery warning 5 min into your long run, I'll wait
Taper is just me asking myself "am I injured?" and my mind being like "maybe ;)"
My race results aren't that bad for  someone who has the urge to DNF every 5 minutes
The Coronavirus is my Boston qualifying time because that way I'll never get it
Your strava ever so dry that you  explored settings
Why are gym girls so extra with their instagram captions. It's a mirror selfie Sharon, don't drag Gandhi into this
When it was supposed to be a sexy  night but your 'carbo loader' went too  hard on endless breadsticks at  the Olive Garden
Apart from being exhausted, financially unstable and nearing a mental  breakdown, training is  going great thanks
HOT YOGA: a regular yoga class,  but with me in it
"you really think running will help you solve your problems"  me:
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