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Telling me I'm fast as f*ck isn't a compliment it's a FACT like thanks for having eyes bro
i f*cked up already, 2021 is gonna be my year i can feel it
Shout out to the runners who haven't  felt okay lately, but get up everyday  and refuse to quit. Stay strong.
When I say "give me 5 minutes"... I mean 5 treadmill minutes
Looking at your best running friend  and saying "I'll sign up if you're in"  I live for those moments
There's NO ROOM for unsupportive  runners in 2020
I need to go harder. I'm not satisfied
If you have to ask if I ran today,  then you don't know me at all.
Me: For Christmas I want a dragon Santa: Be realistic Me: Ok, I want to be sponsored by Nike Santa: What color dragon you want?
Four stages of a man's life: 1. you believe in Santa 2. you don't believe in Santa 3. you are Santa 4. you look like Santa
No one:  Me: you want your present now?
There's a new sex position called "9". It's just me... laying there... I don't have a sex life... I'm "in training"
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