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People who suggest going for a run  and then getting brunch are people you NEED in your life
You know you're a runner when 9:15 in  the morning feels late in the day
Getting back into running after a long  break must lowkey suck. Imagine having  a bad day at work and then struggling  to run 2 miles
So if I go running on weekdays just to burn enough calories to make up for  my drinking on weekends, does  that make me a runner  or an alcoholic?
TRIATHLON  Why suck at only one sport when  you can suck at three
When I say "have a nice day," remember that the "motherf**ker" is silent
I have 2 moods:  1. Overtraining  2. Overeating
When you survive another week of marathon training, eating healthy and having no social life
If you are a person who suddenly finds yourself with a need to go for a "run" in another state friendly towards "running" just know that I will happily drive you, support you, and not talk about the "running" trip to anyone ever
Runner lost for 24 hours during WS100  ignored calls from rescuers because of  Unknown number.   "Please just text me."
This girl just walked into the gym, got on the treadmill next to me, did about 5 minutes and goes "ugh f*ck this"  got down and left lmao  I respect everything about her
Having a small circle is cool until  your two friends are busy lol
Sometimes you run into people who  change your life for the better. Those people are called other runners.
The two stages of marathon training:  1. Plenty of time 2. Oh-oh
Never give up on your dreams.  Keep sleeping.
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