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Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities
somewhere right now a non-runner is asking a runner if their knees hurt because of all the running
Black Friday Warning  The most important things in life  aren't things
I care deeply about like 5 people in my life, and about 1800 ebib avatars on  the internet that I've never met
You know you're a runner when... you have this inability to admit that you  should probably see a doctor  when your [knee/ankle/shin]  hurts you
Not sure if retailers know this, but there is a whole demographic of women who still want the bottom half of the shirt
If you hang out with runners too long we'll brainwash you into believing in  yourself and knowing you  can achieve anything
not my best year, but at least I learned a lot.
me passing someone:  u slow bitch  me being passed:  ok Mo Farah
One day you're young and the next  you're going for a 10 mile run just to get a lil mental health break
Running together is pretty high on my list of friendships. Different level of  intimacy
Remember when people use to party  til 4am and be at work by 7am?  Y'all still do that?
I wonder how often my neighbors look  at me and think "This bitch is crazy"
"That's fucked up." –Me trying to console    someone
Thanks to running I have no titties BUT MY ASS flat too goodnight
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