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I love wearing sunglasses.  Am I looking at your face?? Am I looking at you ass? No one knows.
"I wanna run Chicago with you" –a love language
The next person to say "Oh, you're only running the half", is going to get  punched in the throat.
That "Oh shit" feeling when you're  winded by your warmup...
Find someone that looks at you  the same way you look at the 2020  Boston Marathon Confirmation of Acceptance email.
Let whoever think whatever,  just keep getting better.
Do you ever just wear headphones  so people won't talk to you?
You know you're a runner when...  You can run 6 miles nonstop and still  feel out of shape.
I either go for a run or I eat all  the groceries I bought for the  week. There's no in between.
When Tuesday feels hit you and you realize Running, Coffee & Wine  are solely responsible for  keeping you afloat
Body: Sexy Feet: Fucked
You know who NEVER says "Running is really hard on your joints"? People who actually run.
Based on how much my body cracks and pops during my morning run, I'm pretty sure I'm about 78% Rice Krispies
When you survive another week of  marathon training, eating healthy and having no social life.
Therapist: and what do we do when  we feel like this?  Me: sign up for another race  Therapist: no
Trying to embrace taper week is like feeding a kid candy then telling him  to sit still.... It ain't easy!!
Me: Ok...I can't spend anymore money Running Shoes:  LMAOOOOOOOOO
7 billion people in this world and I'd choose a parkrun over 6,999,999,997  of them
Girl when first meeting me: "How are you out of shape when you run all  the time?"   *watches me eat*  Her: "Ah"
Genetics don't wake you up at 5am  to get shit done
At the end of the day it's all about who you wanna own a dog with
Me stepping out the door, ready to  burn 240 calories after consuming  12,700 over the weekend
I would be willing to pay $250/month for an extra 1000 calories a day that didn't count.   Your move, Science.
Happiness is going for a run and  realizing you broke a toxic cycle
Marathon training day 128,  day 92 without sex. Went running in flip flops just to remember the sound.
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