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For those signed up to run your first  ultra now cancelled.. God is giving you a second chance to think about it
The hardest part of training for a new  race is pretending that I'm still in shape the first 30-45 days
The strongest actions for a woman is  to love herself, be herself and shine  amongst those who never believed  she could
My non-runner husband just gave me  advice on my foamrolling routine so now  I have to figure out exactly how Carole  Baskin fed her husband to a tiger
Me two minutes after my phone dies judging people for being on their phones all the time
Been on a no-carbs diet for two weeks and proud to say I lost 14 days  of happiness
Can't tell if I need a run or to get hit by a car at this point
I tried to tell my doctor that I haven't  run since my last visit and he just  responded "Ashley... I follow you  on Instagram"
Ok so it turns out I was in fact running for Garmin Connect and not for 'myself'
When it comes to Saturdays, I'm either running a million miles or I'm not  leaving my bed. There is no  in between
We wanted to run an ultra so bad. Now look at us. Just f*cking look
A minute after pressing snooze = 0.03 seconds.  A minute on the treadmill = 3 million yrs
RUNNING HACK: There are no f*cking hacks. If running  is difficult, RUN MORE
Me stepping out the door, ready to  burn 240 calories after consuming  12,700 over the weekend
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