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If you see me running around the block with multiple race bibs on my shirt it's  because I'm doing a 3-in-1 Have some respect  and look away
*running partner* Guess who getting cheated on? No me I'm single, y'all be safe tho lmfao
You ever been super cool with someone from IG and ain't seen them a day in  your life?
"A long run is the best cure for anything"  Me: Whenever I feel down, I just put my  hands on my vagina for a minute. Holding that much power  always cheers me up
When I say I'm blessed it has nothing  to do with pace. It's all endurance baby!!
"every girl's dream is to get married" no lol, every girl's dream is to run  Boston
Anyone wants me fr? Going Once.... Going Twice.... SOLD TO THE  TRAILS       we outdoor!
TRIATHLON Why suck at only one sport when you  can suck at three
me: i'll stop at 6  miles: 6.08  me: whoa, looks like i gotta run 7
I was in a running store today and  this girl walked in, looked at me  and went "hello, where are  the Nike Alphafly Next%?"  like girl I don't work  here but aisle 8
bro, can you come pick me up? Where  am I?  Well I was on a runner's high  and I think I am in Ohio
Just changed my ig name to NO ONE so when I double-tap on stupid posts  it will say NO ONE liked this
PERSON: wow you ran 17 marathons 8 ultras, you must be so healthy!  ME: *caffeine-addicted*  *chronically tired*  *occasional binge-eating*  *shin stress-fractures*   "haha yeah idk it's just a  lifestyle at this point"
Nobody has seen you at your ugliest  like your running friends have
If ya kitty can do that lil muscle grip thingy after a track workout..... No.... darling, you're doing it wrong
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