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Does anyone else whisper "what the  fuck" to themselves at least 57 times in the first 2 miles or is it just me
Going for a run with friends now is just like unprotected sex...It's fun while you do it and then you're stressed for 1-2 weeks wondering if you made a  terrible, life-altering mistake
Sorry to interrupt your scrolling, but  did you run today? be honest...
Sometimes you just need to lay on your  bed and do nothing for three years
Happy birthday to someone old  enough to remember what it was like  to run without a GPS watch
Effort is attractive as fuck
I cross the road like I don't have any  family or friends left
And so ends another week without me becoming unexpectedly fast
Science: the human body needs  8 hours of sleep to function properly  Me on 3 hours of sleep: We run at  dawn bitches !!
Has anyone else been planning to  stick to a home-workout routine starting Monday since March
Me passing someone: you slow mf Me being passed: ok Mo Farah
Did a little self diagnosing over on WebMD and it turns out I've been dead since 2006
Here we fucking go again.  I mean good morning.
me: i look cute mirrors: you look cute other people: you look good iPhone front camera: what's up you Shrek-lookin bag of bitch
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