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Does anyone else whisper "what the  f*ck" to themselves at least 57 times  in the first two miles or is it just me
Just because a person says they're  single doesn't mean they're not having sex... parked cars get hit too
I gotta stop flirting with single moms I owe like 6 kids a baby yoda toy
I love getting cute morning texts like "your order is out for delivery"
Snoop: 4/20 is over...   Danny Trejo: we up next baby 5/5  #CincoDeMayo
If you can "smell" rain, you country  as hell
I love when runners smile at me and I smile back and we have that nice we're runners smiling moment
I hate that "shortness of breath" is a coronavirus symptom, every time I run uphill I think I've got it
Y'all ever wish you could be quarantined with your social media running friends, or is that just me?
I miss racing every day.. but that after  slow sex while talking & kissing be  the BEST
Nowadays you gotta sign up for a fall marathon in several states just in case
Sweaty runner at 7-Eleven: "I'm risking my life being here and you don't have the Gatorade I want"
First week back in the gym, don't watch  the weights I'm lifting. Mind your own  business
Shout out to the runners who haven't  felt okay lately, but get up everyday  and refuse to quit. Stay strong!!  You are my people
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