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Stop trying to be liked by everybody.  You don't even like everybody.
If you are reading this........ you're not running.... So please stop scrolling and fix your fucking posture you  look like a croissant
Goggins: For Christmas I want a dragon  Santa: Stay hard and be realistic D  Goggins: Ok, I want a Boston Qualifier  Santa: What color dragon you want?
Learn to push through pain. Cause it  will hurt, and hurt, and hurt, and then one day... BOOM!! Stress fracture.  Then you rest
What if I don't want a cropped shirt. What if I want the entire shirt.  What then? What. Then.
Never be cool. Never try to be cool.  Never worry what the cool people  think. Head for the warm people.  Life if warmth. You'll be cool  when you're dead.
How long are you supposed to rest in between mile repeats? Like 6 months?
"PAIN is just the french word for bread."     ~ David Goggins
I love December because I be treating myself with everything. new running  shoes? done. new gps watch?  done. mental stability? that's  on backorder bitch
Nobody has seen you at your ugliest  like your running friends have
Anyone else permanently going through  a lot lately?  "Thank you for entering the Chicago Marathon non-guaranteed  entry drawing. We regret to  inform you that..
Lord I'm not rushing you for my BQ... I'm just asking for the tracking #
Me: "skips morning run" My mind: "anxious"  Me: "goes for a run"  My mind: "anxious"  Me: Okay, you know what, fuck you!
At mile 20 I thought I was dead  At mile 22 I wished I was dead  At mile 24 I knew I was dead  At mile 26.2 I realized I had  become too tough to kill
"Why do you run so much?" Me: Have you met my parents?
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