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Running and wine are my quarantine  life coaches. Running: "you got it girl!" Wine: "no you don't but cheers"
Sometimes you need an early morning  run, sometimes you need an orgasm  and 3 expresso shots
No matter what happens, virtual racing will always be there for you. Shiny or not, in bling we trust
I fall in love with people's passion for running, the way their eyes light up  when they talk about the thing they love & the way they fill with light
When all of this is over, we will run  harder
If you're the only one on the track and you are running with a face mask on... Stay home... Even after this is over...
You could sleep in on Thursday.... Or, you could drag you ass over few miles and get a medal from any race  your heart desires. Welcome to global  virtual racing
I get race day flashbacks like I was  in the f*cking war or something
Pussy is everywhere but not every runner girl got cute toes
If it involves a bib number, a medal  or some head I'm probably down
Just a runner who loves sunsets and pasta
Friend: How's training going?  Me: Stupid decisions
I will unfollow you so quick, once I find out you're not following me back.  You are not Eliud Kipchoge sweetie
Coronavirus this coronavirus that... can we talk about my virtual race  for a second??
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