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Whenever the machines do take over they're going to access all the "sexy pace" runs from my GPS watch and  be like this guy is not a threat
When I was a kid getting put to bed at 8:30pm I couldn't wait until I was a  grown up and could stay up until  whatever time I wanted. That is  apparently 8:30pm
Yeah post-run stretches never killed  no one but why take the chance
She's a 10 but she's not on strava.
Came home after a short run and my  dog peed a little because he was happy  to see me. None of my friends pee when they see me. I'm surrounded by fakes
I found a 20$ on my run today... I guess that means I'm now a professional  runner
I'm sorry if I don't wave or smile back at you while I'm running. It's just that I'm trying very hard to not die
When it comes to Saturdays, I'm either running a million miles or I'm not leaving  my bed. There is no in between
ROAD RUNNING:    Yasso 800's             ULTRARUNNING:     Speed work              Basically hiking       Taper, BQ
Apart from being exhausted,  financially unstable and nearing a  mental breakdown, training is going  great thanks.
I skip everyone's story but I watch  mine like 20 times
I hate texting, come run with me
She's so fast I could look at her all day
She's a 10 but somebody made her  feel like a 0
Once you start running early in the  morning, it becomes addiction
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