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I wear workout clothes to dick appointments so my "walk of shame"  looks like an early morning run
No rich parents. No assistance.  No handouts. No favors. No excuses.  Straight hunger. Straight  ambition. Straight hustle.
Your comeback will be greater than the setback you just experienced
Biggest flex is loving yourself the way you wished they did.  Be your own damn upgrade
Do you ever try to breathe quieter while running up a hill so the others could  not hear you fighting for your life?
That moment when you realize it's  a rest day... and you just don't know what to do with your life anymore
"Why do VEGANS want their food to look like meat?" For the same reason people use dildos. Looks the same,  feels the same, fills a  hole, no hearts are  broken in the  process
January 1st 2020 me and July 1st  2020 me are two VERY different people
Most of being a runner in 90F weather  is whispering "f*ck this" while going for a run anyway
"I'm a fu*king 7x26.2.......... If he not tapping out I'm not tapping out either... I will die on the dick"
This no #afterdarkebibs shit gettin  boring... I'm ready to get yelled at for  what i post
My body has absorbed so much  sanitizer that when I pee, it cleans the toilet
Pretty wild how we used to eat cake  after someone had blown on it... Good times.
Stop waiting for things to happen, Go make them Happen!!!
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