Was that one of those color runs?  The one question you don't want to hear after training and completing a marathon!
Things only runners understand... Sizing up every street, path or alley for its potential as a running route.
Thanks for being my running buddy.  That 30 minutes we spend bitching is the best part of my day!
When you decline all social invitations on Friday nights because your long runs are on Saturday mornings...
You know who NEVER says "running is really hard on your joints"?  People who actually run.
Distance Running; because with a butt this good, who needs sexy feet?
Can you come pick me up? Where  am I? Well I was on a runner's high  and I think I am in Ohio.
The Track: Where you go to run in circles in order to make progress.
"I should stop running until that pain goes away."  Said no runner ever.
Those 3 days after your marathon where you regret  laughing at the "life alert" lady.  "I've fallen and I can't get up!"
People who eat loads of food and never gain weight, I hate you.
Scientific research suggests that  runners lose both their sense of personal space and smell after completing a race.
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