Why does the need to pee intensify by  a million after you start running a race?
Scientific research suggests that  runners lose both their sense of personal space and smell after completing a race.
The moment your Garmin dies.  It's like the run never happened...
No headphones = You can talk to me.  One headphone = You can talk to me  ...if I like you.  Two headphones = F@*k off.
When  non-runner friends ask if you are free this weekend... "Sorry, I have to do my long run.. then I'm going to  lay around all weekend recovering  from my long run."
Never underestimate the strength of a woman. Never mess with one that runs 13.1 miles for fun.
What's worse than running 1.50 miles  and realizing you didn't turn on your  GPS watch?????? NOTHING.
I'm sorry for what I said  before I had  my run.
Some days you eat salads and go to  the gym. Some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants.  It's called balance.
UltraRunning... If you die, we split your gear.
Most people don't realize this, but you can run without telling Facebook  about it.
The only thing working harder than  me during a run is my sports bra.
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