The moment your Garmin dies.  It's like the run never happened...
"I should stop running until that pain goes away."  Said no runner ever.
Ultrarunning. If you die, we split your gear!
Some days you eat salads and go to  the gym. Some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants.  It's called balance.
The only thing working harder than  me during a run is my sports bra.
What's worse than running 1.50 miles  and realizing you didn't turn on your  GPS watch?????? NOTHING.
When  non-runner friends ask if you are free this weekend... "Sorry, I have to do my long run.. then I'm going to  lay around all weekend recovering  from my long run."
The Track:  where you go to run in  circles in order to make progress.
I'm sorry for what I said  before I had  my run.
Uuuuuuugh, that sure hurts!!  Just   some ice and ibuprofen and I'll be as good as new.  Probably should only run 10 miles tomorrow just to be safe.
My friends are all "Fall... pumpkin  lattes, Uggs, sweaters"...  and I'm over here...  "Fall... cooler runs... Duh!"
Running friend (n): One who listens, doesn't judge and somehow makes 2 hours or running fun!
This is my gym!
WORKOUT SCHEDULE: Monday: 3 (easy) miles Tuesday: track workout Wednesday: sore day Thursday: sleep in - miss run Friday: 5 miles or pizza/wine Saturday: run... to get donuts Saturday: Marathon (NETFLIX)
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