Uuuuuuugh, that sure hurts!!  Just   some ice and ibuprofen and I'll be as good as new.  Probably should only run 10 miles tomorrow just to be safe.
There is no magic pill.  No special shake.  No secret diet.  Just get off your ass!
The reaction you have when you think it is a snake but it turns out to be a stick!
The start is what stops most people.
My friends are all "Fall... pumpkin  lattes, Uggs, sweaters"...  and I'm over here...  "Fall... cooler runs... Duh!"
That awkward moment when  you're wearing Nike... and you just can
Some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants won't help.
There's that moment in every long distance run when I think "how fast do I really want to get back to the kids?"
Told you the Tequila Station was  a good idea! Who's got the Selfie Stick? Oh crap! 2 miles to go!
The bad news is I have 10 more miles... the good news is I smell like rose essential oil.
STAY FIT. Getting back on track is so damn frustrating!!
Marathon Thoughts:  I'm going to die.  But if I don't,  I totally want to do this again.
Joggers bounce up and down at red lights. Runners just stand there  looking pissed.
Marathon? Nah, I'm training for  Black Friday!
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