STAY FIT. Getting back on track is so damn frustrating!!
The runner's mind: How we think we look versus how we really look.
That awkward moment when  you're wearing Nike... and you just can
The reaction you have when you think it is a snake but it turns out to be a stick!
My friends told me running is great therapy, they failed to mention the similarity in the cost.
Some people can eat everything and not gain a pound. I click "Like" on  a picture of pizza and gain 5 pounds.
No Line At The Porta Potty!!
The start is what stops most people.
I'd rather be the slowest runner  in a race anytime, than a spectator  for a lifetime!
The bad news is I have 10 more miles... the good news is I smell like rose essential oil.
Told you the Tequila Station was  a good idea! Who's got the Selfie Stick? Oh crap! 2 miles to go!
My friends tell me that running is easy, but it
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