Just when you thought your boobs couldn't get any smaller....   RUNNING.
Marathon Thoughts:  I'm going to die. But if I don't,  I totally want to do this again.
WARNING. I'm exercising, eating right and watching my alcohol intake... Which means I'm sober, I'm cranky and I'm sore. So proceed with caution!
That awkward moment when you've already said "what" three times and still have no idea what the person  said, so you just agree.
STAY FIT.  Getting back on track is so damn frustrating!!
Yelling "Run Forrest Run" at me?! I'm blown away by your creativity!
My legs are giving me the silent  treatment today.
Running friend (n): One who listens, doesn't judge and  somehow makes two hours of  running fun!
Just so you're aware... Between  mile 20 and 26.2 I start to use the word "F**k" like it's a comma.
The truth is you can always run  faster but sometimes the truth hurts.
Make time for friends who make  you better.
Got twisted in a sweaty sports bra  today... my whole life flashed before  my eyes... I honestly thought I  was gonna be stuck like that  till I died of dehydration  or something.
A true running friend...  Waits for you when you need to take  a dump mid-run.
PROCAFFEINATING: (n) the tendency to not start anything  until you've had a cup of coffee.
The first three miles are my favorite.  - Said no one ever.
When you realise your three main hobbies include going for a run,  naps and food.
Be straight with me Doc. When you say "broken" does that mean I SHOULD or  SHOULD NOT run my race this  weekend?
Tempo and strides today, turkey and  pies tomorrow.
Runner's logic:  "I'm tired. I think  I'll go for a run."
Marry the one who buys you running shoes... they last longer than flowers!
So you're telling me you run outside in the winter time?  What happens when it snows?    I leave footprints.
The worst part about running a 5K... is losing to somebody who is clearly  not prepared for it.
There is no magic pill.  No special shake. No secret diet...  Just get off your ass!
Fitbit died...Not moving until it's charged.
The tree in 20 feet or the port-a-potty in over a mile?
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