Never make decisions  ...while running up a hill.
My run. My speed. My way.  Forget the Joneses.  I'm keeping up with myself!
Then only bad workout is the one that didn't happen.
Man up Princess, we got another hill to crack !!!
The hardest part about making a budget  is being honest about how much you  spend on running.
Woke up in running clothes. I really  admire drunk me and her ambitions.
You don't have time to  run? Original...
Up before dawn.   Run multiple miles. In sub-zero temps. Do it again tomorrow. Because....
l like my morning run more than  I like most people.
Tangerines are oranges that didn't  want it bad enough. DON'T BE A TANGERINE!!!
"So, what race are you training for?"   "I'm training for a marathon, and you?" "Oh, I run marathons all the time. Usually those 5k ones."
If you were able to get just one of your friends to get up off the couch by your running or fitness posts, then it was worth annoying all the other ones with them.
My feet may not be pretty...  But I have killer legs!
Trying to embrace taper week is like feeding a kid candy then telling him  to sit still.... it ain't easy!!
The next person to say "Oh, you're only running the Half", is going to get  punched in the throat.
OMG!!!  That wasn't a fart...
2 rest days in a row..  Omigawd I'm gonna be  so out of shape !!
Unless you faint or die..KEEP GOING!
That awkward moment when you think, "What is that smell."  Then you realize it's you.
The faster you run,  the faster you're done!
Diet tip.  Your pants will never get too tight if you don't wear any.
We added practicing our pose for the camera to our training plan because we want to get it just right since those pictures are more expensive  than the race!
Nothing stops me from running.... except the few minutes I spend on the ground passed out!
You know you're a runner when... The thermometer says 45 degrees  and you think Score! Optimal running weather!!!
Marathons, one of the few times in life you can have your wife be completely speechless and not have to do a thing.
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