There's no place like home. 

To poop.
eBib text : FACTS. There's no place like home. To poop.

Just For Fun eBibs

Why isn't the answer to a running  injury ever "Just keep running a lot, it will go away"
Stages of running on the treadmill: 1. Hello, lover 2. Let
"Sometimes the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason"
me:  i cannot spend any money  right now i just can't running warehouse:  here's 20% off  me:  fine i'll buy 10 things
The air hurts my face.  Why am I living where the air  hurts my face??
Thanks for the running advice, hon.  I'll remember that next time I'm slower than you
"I don't need another drink"  - said not me last night
Just wanted to let you know that is NOT okay to run and then NOT post about it  on social
I wish I could outsource my my  stretching routine
People who tell you it's too cold to run outside are the kind of negativity  you don't need in your life
Don't trust runners who don't have to pee before a race
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