There's no place like home. 

To poop.
eBib text : FACTS. There's no place like home. To poop.

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I wish everything was as easy as  getting fat
"Strava, because I'm worth it!"
Do you know what 50 Cent did when  he got hungry?  58.  Please don't delete me.
If you love someone, let them go.  If they come back with running shoes,  it was meant to be
I can feel my "because I'm f*cking  tough" attitude coming out
The races might be virtual, but the  medals are real af
Friends that sweat together, share medals together...
Me once in while   v   me ALL the time
I say "this is my running song" to about  20 songs
Them: "you don't look like a runner" Me: "ok so what do you want me to do"
You gotta hang around winners...  so your wins don't sound like  you're bragging
I always thought I would lift if only I had  more free time...I can now confirm  I would not
One minute you young and wild next minute you crazy about kt tape and compression socks
How are the people who put like three major races and an airplane emoji in  their bio doing? I'm worried about them
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