Funny how things change with time. 

I used to hate running.
eBib text : Funny how things change with time. I used to hate running.

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EARLY MORNING RUN  During the first mile: f*ck this,  I'm sooo f*cking tired During the last mile:  f*ck yeah baby! That's  what I call a good run.  I can't wait for tomorrow
Someone once told me life is a  marathon not a sprint. Now life is  nothing but marathons  and hill sprints.
People are so worried about what  they eat between Christmas and the  New Year, but they really should  be worried about what they  eat between New Year  and Christmas.
Anyone else struggle with whether to  run the extra mile or actually wash  their hair?   Asking for a friend.
Person who doesn’t run, “Sure, you run marathons, but at what pace?”  Me, “Suicide Pace.”
I don't think I've told "No" to running on the treadmill as much as I've told YouTube I don't want to try  YouTube Premium
My date told me I should start lifting more than running... date is sleeping by  himself tonight.
I paint my toenails black  so they all match...
Running is a pain in the ass, but damn, it sure gives me a nice one
Welcome to 2019 Winter Run Streak,  I hope you like ibuprofen.
In the first half of your race don't be an idiot. In the second half,  DON'T BE A TANGERINE   *tangerines are oranges that didn't want it bad enough*
You know you're a runner when you  know EXACTLY where one mile from  your front door is. In any direction.
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