I'm having one of those days 

that's not a Saturday
eBib text : I'm having one of those days that's not a Saturday

Funny eBibs

im tryna ride for you, with you & on you
I have 2 moods:  1. Overtraining  2. Overeating
May the 4th be with you... cause Cinco de Mayo falls on taco Tuesday  & you will feel the revenge  of the 6th
Some of you are wholesome, genuine, loving, and kind and it f*cking shows. Never change, please
My dumbass is smiling at runners.  With my mask on.
"It's not for nothing guys. Head up,  head out, and train. Racing will be back,  but running never left"  Des Linden
No one wants to hear this, but truth  to be told... a lasting quarantine relationship comes with a  lot of forgiveness, a lot  of miles, and a lot of  bomb ass sex
Does anyone else whisper "what the  f*ck" to themselves at least 57 times  in the first two miles or is it just me
Just because a person says they're  single doesn't mean they're not having sex... parked cars get hit too
I gotta stop flirting with single moms I owe like 6 kids a baby yoda toy
I love getting cute morning texts like "your order is out for delivery"
Snoop: 4/20 is over...   Danny Trejo: we up next baby 5/5  #CincoDeMayo
If you can "smell" rain, you country  as hell
I love when runners smile at me and I smile back and we have that nice we're runners smiling moment
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