When my friends 'runfie' has been 

posted for three minutes 

and I'm the first to like 

and comment
eBib text : "I'M SUCH A SUPPORTIVE FRIEND" When my friends 'runfie' has been posted for three minutes and I'm the first to like and comment

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Long run and 95 degree weather,  what a mf tragedy.
Summer of 19 in 2 words  "Marathon training."
I basically have 3 hairstyles: straight, wavy and homeless
Athlete profile: Trail&Mountain Runner Reality: Owns a hydration pack
*Running in 2019* Post a selfie and your stats from the  run when you get home so I know  you made it back safe.
HIM:  Tell me what you want ME:  Running gear... HIM: No!!! Tell me what you want in bed ME: Oh! *gets in bed* running gear
JOB INTERVIEWER: What's  your biggest strength? ME:  Running ultras. JOB INTERVIEWER: What's  your biggest weakness?  ME:  Also running ultras.
NO ONE:  LITERALLY NO ONE: ME:  "Should I find a race  for this weekend?"
Does anyone else ever get the random urge to go for a run in the middle of  a work meeting?
Fitbit:  "Do what moves you."  Me:
How many times do I have to tell you,  it's not a hill it's an incline!
3rd base is when they see  how 'adorable' your black  or missing toenails  actually are.
It's okay if your form falls apart while running uphill... Tacos fall apart and we still love them.
I'd like to start this day with a shoutout to my family. Without them, there would never be this much  running.
I say "I'm down for whatever" a lot for someone who is down for maybe  3 things and one of those  is running and another  is sleeping.
Post your selfies for YOU. Run a little run a lot –for YOU! Run fast, run   slow –for YOU! Call yourself  a runner... Because YOU  ARE a runner! Who the  f*ck are "THEY"???
Running an ultramarathon is more thrilling when you don't have health insurance.
You know you're a runner... when the phrase, "it's all downhill from here" is actually a good thing.
Yeah breakups hurt, but have you  ever watched your best running friend turned into a stranger?
Sometimes the lazy b!tch in your life is you and that's alright.
Me:  omg so sorry just saw your text,  crazy day   Actually me:
Oprah reveals how she manages to  stay stress free at the age of 65 1. Run or walk every day   2. Have a billion dollars.
Sure, I'm a runner but that's not  all there is to me. I also enjoy eating tacos and ordering stuff from Amazon.
*Runners on Instagram* "Getting few miles in with Amy."  4 minutes later: 76 pictures & 4 videos uploaded
When it comes to Saturdays, I'm  either running a million miles  or I'm not leaving my bed.  There is no in-between.
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