Get Yourself an Accountability Partner
Get Yourself an Accountability Partner

Who in your life is your accountability partner? If you don’t have a partner, find one! They can be as key to a successful fitness or nutrition program as a good meal plan and pair of running shoes. I have met so many great women over the past year who have shown how female friendship can help to push and challenge one another towards our fitness goals

How to find and create an accountability relationship.

  1. Find a Partner

Your partner may the neighbor around the corner who loves to run and you are looking to train for your first 5k. Or it may be a fellow “Instagrammer” who posts amazing recipes and you are looking to transition away from processed foods. Reach out and ask if they want to share in your journey!

Maybe you know of someone who has a desire to change their fitness or nutrition and you have some tips, tricks, recipes that you know are helpful. Let them know. Invite them to share with you their struggles, assure them you are there to walk alongside them.  I always picture a large web of motherhood- most of us are striving for the same thing. Occasionally we just need someone to step out and say “Hey let’s do this together!”

  1. Set your goals and expectations

Once you have your partner, what are you both looking to accomplish? Several months ago, one of my college roommates and I decided we both needed some accountability in our running. We each wanted to finish the I Love Running 100 Days of Miles. We started sending each other a message on Facebook whenever we completed a run. A simple note but it keeps me running. Makes me lace up when I would rather sit on the couch. When Jody posts that she ran 2 miles in the 90 degree Florida heat, I lose my excuse to run in the 75 degree Hoosier heat!

Chat with your partner about your goals. Will you meet in person 3 days a week to run? Will you share you food journal on My Fitness Pal? Text each other a picture of your empty water jug? In the age of social media, there are so many resources to connect us with friends both near and far.

Be sure to also share your expectations. How often will you check in? If one of you falls of the wagon for a few days, give your partner permission to call your fanny out! We all need it. I promise.

  1. Shared Celebration!

Make a plan for when you rock your goal. Will you go out for a celebratory pedicure together? Could we dream big and plan a girls’ weekend away? How about finally buying that outfit you had your eye on? Regardless of what choose as your choose together, celebrate together and help keep each other’s eye on the prize!

If you are in need of an accountability partner and would like me to be your gal…reach out! I would love to support new and old friends alike. Let’s get our nutrition in line, our bellies full of good wholesome nutrition and our support system strengthened!


Posted with Permission from Small Steps of Change

Day 4 with no running: 

I've lost hearing in my right eye
Y'all looove skinny runners until y'all

cuddling and they get lost in the cover

like a remote
Just once I would like to make it

through an entire hill workout without

having a WTF moment

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