PUSH IT REAL GOOD 30 day challenge

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"These poop medals aren't my favorite kind of medals.. but they're a solid Number Two."  


Join us for our 4th edition: PUSH IT REAL GOOD –WE'VE GOT THE RUNS CHALLENGE!

WHAT: 30 Day running streak (or ANY form of exercise!) starting April 1st. This is the perfect way to kick things off and mentain your running/workout habit.

HOW IT WORKS: Run/walk at least TWO Miles each day, or exercise indoor for TWENTY Minutes to complete the famous WE'VE GOT THRUNS 30 day challenge

WARNING: Your medal display is about to change with this very cool, make-your-friends-jealous We've got the runs medal. It's a hefty size - you can definitely call it chunky :)

OPTIONAL: Log your miles/workouts on our platform HERE

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The famous Poop medal is a best seller (sold out every year). If you want one, act now. The medals ship out after you complete the challenge, mid-late May. 

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