Below is some information to get you started.
You need to "Join" the challenge by clicking
CHALLENGES (once you click on the challenge it should have a red ribbon across reading "JOINED") ;we also recommend joining our Facebook events page for more motivation & interaction with challengers.

Once your account has been created you can go to the 2018GOLDCHALLENGE STORE (scroll down until you see the boxes) to purchase a gold challenge package if you want to commemorate/commit your hard earned miles.  If you wish to wait in purchasing a medal/package, please note there will be a price increase in January.
At this time you can upload via Strava, RunKeepeer, Fitbit Surge, MapMyRun, Jawbone, Withings, Moves and Garmin, but please note you don't have to use our platform at all. You can track your miles solely on your preferred GPS tracking device. 
To upload your activity through Strava, RunKeepeer, Fitbit Surge, MapMyRun, Jawbone, Withings, MOVES... go My Account, Log Activity, Upload and click on the desired app and then log in. In order to upload you need to "START/END" an activity on your device, it will not upload your daily total.