STORM AREA 51 virtual 5k run medal

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Join us for the 1st Annual STORM AREA 51 Virtual 5k Run!

Friday September 20th, 2019, will be the day the human race stands up and says LET'S SEE THEM ALIENS. That weekend, run where you are and join participants from around the world as we join together as one.

Whether you Naruto run or moonwalk, this is a fun way to earn an official alien themed medal (out of this world!) and maintain your fitness motivation. Make it a friends & family affair –this virtual 5k is perfect for a night run/walk dress as an alien!! 

Optional –log your time on OUR PLATFORM


DISCLAIMER: do not encourage a raid on Area 51 or any government property. This Virtual 5k Run is intended to be a fun way to get in a run and celebrate the love of aliens and all things outer space with the running community.

Click HERE for the STORM AREA 51 commemorative coin

This event will sell out, so reserve your spot early to be ready when we go out to see them aliens! The medals will ship between 9.10 and 9.20


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