WAFFLE SHOE 1974 PATENT crewneck

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The Nike shoe design patent for the "Waffle" sole (US patent No. 3,793,750 granted on February 26, 1974) has been restored and enhanced to remove as many flaws as possible while maintaining the integrity of the original document.

Bowerman's description: “an athletic shoe suitable for use on artificial turf, including an improved upper of a porous multiple layer construction and an improved sole having integral polygon shaped studs … of square, rectangular or triangle cross section, having a plurality of flat sides which provide gripping edges that give greatly improved traction.”

The patent drawing is printed with unsurpassed quality –water based ink, on an high-quality unisex crewneck sweatshirt, crafted out of luxuriously soft french terry fabric. It’s soft and smooth outside, warm and cozy inside... you’ll sink right into it. The fabric also only gets better and better with age. Made for life beyond the 9-to-5. Pair with favorite sneakers for a foolproof weekend look.

Bonus fact: french terry is the original sweat-wicking fabric.

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Comfort and mobility, this French terry unisex crewneck is lightweight making it perfect solo or as your go-to layering piece. French terry is the finest variation of terry cloth, and is knit from two separate yarns - one that stays taut, and another that creates loose loops on the back of the fabric, making it super soft against your skin.

80% Ring-spun cotton and 20% Polyester


XS 19.5 25.5
S 20.5 26.5
M 21.5 27.5
L 23.5 28.5
XL 24.5 29.5


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