WE'VE GOT THE RUNS 2019 challenge, finisher's medal

$34.95 $29.95

"These poop medals aren't my favorite kind of medals.. but they're a solid Number Two." 2018 challenger 

Don't miss out on this now famous WE'VE GOT THE RUNS challenge, 2019 editon.  It's awesome. It really is. AND we really want you to be a part of it.​ So JOIN US!

Log 20 Runs for the month of APRIL - at least 1 mile a day. Invite your BRF... Make it a friends & family affair! It's the perfect way to kick things off and solidify your running habit to have the best summer ever. 

Register for the challenge HERE and get this medal before it sells out (again).


WARNING: Your medal display is about to change with this very cool, make-your-friends-jealous finisher's #Poopmedal.. a hefty size - you can definitely call it chunky!

2019 #Poopmedals are shipping at the end of the challenge.. or today if that's what you wish (just holler!)

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