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If dad bods can be okay, can we lower  the standards for females? Shit I like  beer and food too
Lord I'm not rushing you for my BQ...  I'm just asking for tracking #
After dick it's bed time. If she on her phone... you did bad #stayhard mfs
You never forget your first marathon... you'll never forget the grip.
Don't let anyone bullshit you, running  a marathon is fucking hard
Good morning to all running girls whose thighs rub together
Lack of sex turns you into a marathoner
Thanks for being my go-to running  friend to discuss the annoying-as-fuck tendencies of practically everyone
"cum for me daddy" is code for "this pussy is tired"....Babe.....  i had a long run today
I'm ready for hoodies and cool nights
You know you're a runner... When  you're asked how your weekend was,  you can only reply in miles
She might be a handful but she come with a built-in water park
There is always that one person in any group run who thinks they are in the olympics.
U  KNOW you legit #stayhart when she gets naked befo u do
78% of the running girls reading this  are wearing their hair in a weird bun  right now
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