You know you're a runner when... You 

can say things like "I'm just running 

an easy 6 miler today" and you really

mean it.
eBib text : You know you're a runner when... You can say things like "I'm just running an easy 6 miler today" and you really mean it.

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I just finished the World Marathon  Majors series and now I have time to spend with my family. They seem  like good people
Instagram and Facebook are down?!? Now how will people know we ran the 5k Turkey Trot today??
Half of y'all wanted this weather cause you thought you were gonna do more  running. Now look at you,  not running and cold
You know you're a runner when...  You don't drink, you hydrate.  You don't eat, you carb up.  You don't rest, you taper.  You don't work out,  you train. Foam  roll is a verb
Runners who love training & racing  while also admitting that running  is hard AF are my people
On the treadmill like, "got 40 mins left... that's two 20 min halves...  just gotta get through  10 mins, 4 times"
You might be a runner if..... You hate when training runs don't end exactly on a whole number, but for some reason you have NO PROBLEM with  the numbers13.1 and 26.2
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Don't make me choose between running  and you
You know you're a runner when...  You have this inability to admit  that you should probably see  a doctor when your [knee/ ankle/calf/shin] hurts you.
It doesn’t matter how far you run, or how fast... What matters is posting it  on the gram
My Therapist: once you accept the fact  that being a runner has nothing to do  with your running pace, the second half of your life begins
I signed up for my first half-marathon. My goal was to lose 10 pounds... Only  19 to go
Anyone else trying to guess the pace  of a runner as they pass you?  Yeah same
Happiness is going for a run and  realizing you broke a toxic cycle
You know you're a runner when...  a race on the calendar equals peace  of mind
Race day volunteers put muscle  in their hustle
You might be a runner if... you take words such as badass, insane, freak, beast, crazy, and  obsessed as compliments
My daughter drew me showing off  my favorite "bling"... I've never felt more understood
In bed by 8 pm on a Friday night is  code for "there is a race tomorrow"
WARNING: I'm exercising, eating right  and watching my alcohol intake. Which means I'm sober, I'm cranky and I'm sore. So proceed with caution!
If you skip a run cause it's too cold, you're a lil b*tch    - Old Chinese Saying
ME: "I'm just going to relax and enjoy  a quiet evening at home"  *Mainly because I spent  all my money on running  gear & race entry fees*
It's time to go for a run and I'm still walking funny from my last workout
What's more painful than running on  the treadmill? Earphones with  only one side working
PERSON: wow you ran 17 marathons..  you must be soooo healthy! ME:  *caffeine-addicted* *chronically tired* *occasional binge-eating* *shin stress-fractures* "Haha yeah idk it's just a lifestyle at this point"
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