Custom Training Log, PDF download


We are now able to offer a custom Visual Training Log... featuring your own digital eBib avatar!

Every journey begins with a goal, and every goal begins by writing it down. Our Visual Training Log helps you to keep on track and review your progress... at a glance. 

Downloadable PDF file - ideal to print on 12x18 or 24x36 inches matte paper 

This is the training log you have always wanted, and didn't even know it. There is no reason to wait, get it now, for you and for the runner(s) in your life!

Download & print it at your local Office Depot or Costco on matte paper.

Email your high resolution photo(s) and Instagram handle to 


Email your photo(s) and the order number for your purchase (it's on your receipt) to

PHOTO REFERENCE: The quality of the photo reference makes a great deal of difference in how well the final art turns out. Photos that do not show the face clearly, will prevent us from being able to capture them properly in the final avatar. We are at the mercy of the photos we are given. 


ILTR LLC ( retains ownership and copyright over all eBibs avatars, however, this is NOT restrictive. With the exception of commercial use, you are able to use and reprint your  eBib avatar as you wish for private purposes. For commercial use full copyright release is by negotiation.