eBibs Throw Blanket - custom


Choose up to 4 (four!) eBibs (or create new ones!) to customize this amezingly soft throw blanket –the perfect accessory for your refreshing après-run naps.

Featuring a total of 30 eBibs, these throw blankets are the most stylish way to get warm at home or at your next trail or running festival. 

PRO TIP: choose a category such as half-marathon, marathon, injured runner etc and we'll create the perfect gift for you or for the runner in your life  

eBib numbers ↓ (please use commas)


A throw blanket can be a striking design element, a dear memento, or simply an amazing accessory for refreshing afternoon naps—that's why this custom-printed eBibs Throw Blanket is the perfect gift for you or for the runner(s) in your life. The soft silk touch fabric makes the eBibs print in eye-popping colors, and the blanket is warm and cozy.

  • 100% polyester
  • Soft silk touch fabric
  • Printing on one side
  • White reverse side
  • Machine-washable


Length: 60 Inches; Width: 50 Inches