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Hi. We're ilovetorun.

This is the place 

Where Running Meets Humor!

At ilovetorun, we love to run! We believe running is a uniquely awesome way to keep fit and stay centered, to cultivate “alone” time and also to meet new friends, to challenge ourselves and have fun. We also believe in the power of humor, and that it’s OK to poke a little fun at the sport that we all love. 


Finally, we believe that all runners can—and should—do their best to inspire others to run. While your running is personal, it's also something you can give. RUNNING CAN BE GIVEN!


Welcome to ilovetorun.

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Hate being hungover on Saturda...
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So Long, Sunshine
Amy Pike
December 01, 2018
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I love runni...
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1. Runner's hi...
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But I will cus...
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I am Married to A Non-Runner
Tricia Vaughn
July 18, 2018
F@*k!! ...I'm lost. 

But I...
It's overcoming the physical c...